Closing arguments happen during Joshua Keadle murder case

Beginning Wednesday morning, the jury heard closing arguments for the murder trial of Joshua Keadle.

Prosecutors spoke first arguing they’ve proven Tyler Thomas is dead because she abruptly fell off the face of the Earth. They admit, an important part of circumstantial evidence in this murder case is that they don’t have a body.

“Mr. Keadle was confident that we were never going to find her, excuse me in January of 2011 when he was in jail with his comment, he is never going to find her and he knew where she was at and he was confident that we were never going to find her and he was right,” Nebraska Attorney General’s Office, Doug Warner said.

Prosecutors say Keadle had a gun under his seat when he drove Thomas, who was highly intoxicated, to the river.

In exchange for a ride to Omaha, she agreed to perform a sexual act but Keadle says they got into an argument and eventually left her there.

His defense team says the only thing Keadle is guilty of, is bad judgement.

“You can not hold him accountable for making a bad decision of leaving her at the river when she refused to get in, that may be a bad decision on his part but he is going to have to live with it for the rest of his life,” Keadle’s Defense, Matt McDonald said. “You can not convict him for leaving her down there.”

Prosecutors concluded that Keadle, who was 29 years old at the time, had a choice to help Thomas, who was 19 years old, or to take advantage of her which they say proves premeditation.

“Tyler Thomas is dead, we’ve never seen or heard from her again and he killed her,” Warner said. “He planned to kill her because he had to kill her, because she wasn’t going to keep her mouth shut.”

Keadle’s defense put together a timeline of what he says shows what happened the night Thomas went missing.

He says she dealt with mental health issues and had past messages and texts that showed she was suicidal.






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