Coldest in over four months

Don’t be caught off guard by Wednesday morning’s temperatures.  Temperatures are expected to drop to levels not recorded in nearly 4.5 months.

We’ll start the morning with temperatures in the lower 40°s.  Some of our cooler locales will dip in to the 30°s.  These are temperatures we normally have in October rather than September.

Dma Tonight Low

Interestingly, when looking back at Lincoln’s weather records going back to 1886 our average first occurrence of 42° is September 21.  In other words, we are right on time.  The earliest the city has dropped to 42° for the season was August 20, 1950.  The latest?  October 28, 1963.

Dma Tomorrow High

Temperatures will remain below normal throughout the day Wednesday.  Under sunny skies, highs will only reach the lower 70°s.

– Chief Meteorologist John Dissauer

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