Consul of Mexico tours York County

Congressman Adrian Smith welcomed the Consul of Mexico of Omaha, Guadalupe Sanchez to Nebraska's Third District on Wednesday October 6th for an agriculture tour of York County.  
Ag Fixed

The visit served as an opportunity for Congressman Smith to demonstrate the value of the ongoing trade relationship between the United States and Mexico for the meat and corn industry.

Purchasing an estimated $429 million, Mexico is the number one foreign buyer of Nebraska corn and is Nebraska’s top exporting market receiving $7.5 billion in Nebraska product.

“I appreciate the kind invitation of Congressman Adrian Smith, which gave the opportunity to witness the processes of the agriculture industries and the hard work of the local community in the Third District,” said Consul Sanchez. “It was also an occasion to meet with Mexican workers and to pinpoint how crucial the trade relationship between Mexico and Nebraska is, with a direct impact on the creation of 34,000 local jobs. I am very proud to represent my country and my community in the beautiful state of Nebraska”.

Mexico and Nebraska’s agriculture relationship generates more than 8,200 agriculture related jobs in Nebraska’s Third District.

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