Crete couple blogs travels, receives postcards from all over the world

Ann and Steve Teget call Crete, Nebraska, home.

But they aren’t home very often. To say the couple likes to travel would be an understatement, with their journeys spanning all over the world.

They were inspired by Steve’s grandparents.

“During WWII, my grandfather came home and promised my grandmother he was going to take her to see the world,” Steve said.

The couple began to take trips together before their marriage eight years ago, but not long after, Ann was diagnosed with a chronic illness.

That’s when they decided it was time to turn their hobby into a lifestyle.

“While I was home recovering from surgeries and just trying to get through this difficult time, we decided to start the blog kind of as a distraction for me,” Ann said.

Thus was born the Postcard Jar, where Steve and Ann send themselves postcards from each venture and post about it on their blog and social media pages.

It’s a way for the Tegets to remember their travels and share them with others.

Since the start of the blog, the snail mail trend has caught on to their audience.

“People who read our blog have begun to send us postcards also, which is a lot of fun because we learn about new places we hadn’t thought of,” Steve said.

They’ve received postcards from all 50 states, and every continent except Antarctica.

Dubai, England, and remote villages in Africa are just some of the spots described to the Tegets on the back of postcards found in their P.O. box.

But no matter how far and wide their travels take them, Steve and Ann’s favorite spots lie within the place they’ve always called home – America’s heartland.

“We’ve really discovered that the Midwest specifically has so many incredible places,” Ann said.

One of their favorites: Pawhuska, Oklahoma, a place so charming they bought a home there, and now split their time between Oklahoma and Nebraska.

According to Steve and Ann, it’s not just the breathtaking views or incredible food they encounter on their trips that make them the most memorable; it’s the people.

“The people that we’ve met along the way have just enriched our lives in ways that we could never have imagined,” Ann said.

They plan to keep seeing the world together for as long as they can.

“There’s a curiosity about what the world has and there’s just so much to see,” Steve said.

The Tegets next stop will be Clear Lake and Mason City, Iowa.

They say the secret to having the means to travel is save, save, and save some more. As Ann put it best, they did what they had to do early in life to do what they want to do now.

Steve and Ann were recently named Midwest Travel Network’s Bloggers of the Year for their Postcard Jar blog.

You can follow along on their journeys at, or on social media at @postcardjar.

To send them a postcard, address it to:

Postcard Jar
P.O. Box 334
Crete, NE 68333



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