Crime Stoppers: An apt wardrobe and some big savings

This week, one suspect dresses logically, and another pair save big money at Menards.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — For this week’s edition of Lincoln Crime Stoppers, both featured crimes are from around the turn of the year. We start on December 8, 2020. That’s when employees at the New Market on North 27th Street say a man picked up some food and took off without paying for any of it. The real highlight here is what the suspect was wearing. His tee shirt reads “outlaws” across the front. It’s a very fitting wardrobe choice for the shoplifter about town.

Our second case is from the end of January, on the 30th. This involves a pair of female suspects at the North 27th Street Menards. Their cart was loaded with an estimated $1400 worth of items by the time they got up to the register. The first suspect left with the cart, to start loading things in the car while the other was paying. However, the payment was left unfinished.

Employees say the woman paying said her PIN wouldn’t work, and she’d need to put a few things back. When the employee looked away, they say the second suspect went out to the car, which by that time was already loaded.

In the event that you recognize any of the suspects involved, LPD asks that you get in touch with them. You can take a closer look at other crimes on the Crime Stoppers website.

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