Crime Stoppers: UNL Police looking for people who trashed Nebraska Hall

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – University of Nebraska-Lincoln police are searching for at least two people who caused chaos at Nebraska Hall.

On Nov. 4, the men went into the building near 16th and X Streets and “trashed it,” police said.

The men shattered the glass and ripped the coils out of five vending machines in the building.

Lincoln Police said the men continued their rampage, flipping over tables and scattering trash all over the room.

The men also smashed holes in the building’s drywall, according to police.

Investigators believe that one of the men is a minor.

Police say they need help identifying the person in the black shirt and the person in the plaid shirt seen in the video.

Lincoln Police are also searching for the suspect who stole several tools from Walton Construction near 48th and Superior Streets.

On Oct. 31, security footage showed a suspect arriving in a Ford Escape before loading up a trailer, which belonged to the business, with several tools.

Lincoln Police say the suspect then filled a large barrel with about 150 gallons of gas from a tank at the business.

As the suspect was leaving, he saw a security camera and stole that as well, according to police.

Police estimate that the business lost about $32,000 in the theft.

Anyone with information is asked to call Lincoln Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600.

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