Dallas Huston sentenced to prison for boyfriend’s death

Dallas Huston

A Lincoln man convicted of 2nd degree murder in the death of his boyfriend was sentenced 50 years to life in prison.

The sentencing occurred Tuesday before Lancaster County District Judge John Colborn.  Dallas Huston, who turned 30 Tuesday, is convicted in the suffocation death of his 22-year-old boyfriend, Ryan Johnson in September 2009.  He faced a minimum of 20 years to life.  Huston's father, Russell Huston says, “We were expecting 20, maybe 30.  When he said 50, it took us by surprise.”

For Ryan Johnson's mother, Linda Johnson, it could never be enough.  “I can't handle that guy, doing that to Ryan.  “He should get 100 years for that.  I don't see how he can say he didn't kill Ryan because he did.”

During the investigation of Johnson's death, Huston had told investigators that they had a suicide pact.  Investigators say Huston wrapped Johnson's head in plastic, but when he started to struggle Huston smothered him with a pillow.  Huston had blamed his attorney for the conviction and was granted a new one by the judge.  However, his request for a new trial was denied last month.

Dallas and his family have maintained his innocence.  At his sentencing, Huston told the judge he didn't commit murder and asked for the minimum sentence.  His grandmother, Loraine Huston, says “I don't care what anybody says, he'd never hurt Ryan, not ever.  He wouldn't do anything to him.”

Judge Colborn says Huston has shown no remorse for his actions and that he's a “danger to vulnerable individuals in the community.” 

Linda Johnson says she was anxious for sentencing and hopes it brings an end to this sad chapter of her life.  “I wish we still had Ryan with us, but we can finally get things settled and back to normal.”