Data suggest decline in positivity rate for Lancaster County since mask mandate

Since Lincoln's mask mandate has been put in place, positivity rates for the city have been on the decline.

It’s been widely debated all across the country. Mask mandates.

Licnoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird issued a mandate three weeks ago for the capitol city and ever since, weekly positivity rates have been on the decline.

A good sign according to health officials.

“Our data do indicate what appears to be the trend in the right direction. Since the mask mandate went into effect July 20th we have not seen a continued increase,” Interim Health Director Pat Lopez said.

Officials say it may be too early to make the connection to the mandate and there could be other factors involved.

Here’s a look at the numbers.

For the week of July 25th, the week the mandate went into effect, Lancaster county had a 8.3% positivity rate.

For the week of August 1st, it dropped to 7.1%.

Finally, the week of August 8th. The positivity rate dropping once again, this time to only 6%.

“This does suggest that our new directed health measure that included the mask mandate has really contributed to the decline,” Lopez said.

To put Lancaster counties numbers into perspective, Channel 8 looked at Douglas counties numbers as well, an area that doesn’t have a mask mandate.

For the week of July 25th, they had a 9% positivity rate.

For the week of August 1st, their rate increased to 11%.

Then, the week of August 8th, a decrease for the county, to 10%.

While Omaha’s numbers have always been higher than Lincoln, they aren’t seeing the same kind of decline in rates as the capitol city.


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