David City residents hit hard by Nebraska ice storm

Many in David City have been left with damage to their cars and homes and without power after Tuesday's early morning ice storm

DAVID CITY, Neb. (KLKN) – Homes in northern Nebraska are suffering extensive damage after Tuesday’s early morning ice storm rolled across the region. 

“Tree limbs, you could hear them falling like toothpicks just crack, crack, crack all over,” said homeowner and David City resident Maria Casanova.

Maria’s home is in need of repair after a number of tree branches covered in heavy layers of ice hit her home. One branch crashed through her bedroom ceiling as she was sleeping. Since 2:00 a.m. Tuesday, she had been sheltering in her van outside her home, parked where no branches could fall on her.

“I felt safer from the tress falling on the house and eventually it did. A tree limb went in through the roof,” Casanova tells Channel 8 Eyewitness News reporter Marlo Lundak. “In the pitch dark you could hear them [trees] just crack, crack and cracking everywhere. It is very scary.”

Casanova sat in her car worried the wind would force more branches ice-covered branches to snap and fall on her home, further damaging it.

Just down the road, two cars belonging to Ericka Lemoine Buehler are stuck underneath huge branches. She described the moments in the night when she heard the branches snap and fall.

“Just boom! I grabbed my kids, threw them on the floor with us cause I didn’t know if more were going to fall off,” she said. “Me and my husband just bought our Tahoe, we have a Ford truck and it came down and smashed the whole windshield – everything.”

Further into town, downed trees line the main street and residential roads. Residents like Alfonso Palermo could be seen in their yards cleaning up branches and salting sidewalks.

“I woke up around 2 o’clock, it was a lot of branches falling and cracking so I got kinda scared, and then the power went out,” Palmero said. “It was scary and dangerous at the same time.”

“It sounded like branches falling and then the power just went out. I got really scared,” said Palmero’s 9-year-old son, Alex.

The Palmero family suffered minor damage compared to others – a few branches on Alfonso’s car and his internet cable was knocked down. But like others, their power has been out since the middle of the night. Local electric companies are asking residents to be patient, but it could be a day or more until some get powered restored.

Until then, residents are waiting for the wind to calm and ice to melt before safely going home.

“We’re just going to leave and go to a hotel cause I’m freezing, my kids are tired of freezing,” Buehler said.

“Wait it out. That’s all we can do is wait it out,” said Casanova.

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