Deadlines approaching to get your packages shipped in time for Christmas

Deliveries coming as early as 6 a.m.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- Deadlines are fast approaching to make sure your packages or holiday cards make it in time for Christmas.  After getting through a very busy shipping season last year during the pandemic, the United States Postal Service was ahead of the game and began hiring seasonal workers in February.

“We’ve hired 60,000 pre-career and 40,000 seasonal employees nationwide. We are ready,” said Mark Inglett USPS Strategic Communications.

Here in Lincoln, the USPS wants employees home with their families for dinner, so instead of having mandatory overtime at night, they are starting deliveries as early as six in the morning.

“Please leave the porch lights on for us early in the morning because we’ve got folks out as early as 6 am. We’re delivering packages all throughout the morning so we can get those packages to you before you go to work and school,” said Inglett.

According to the postmaster of Lincoln, Lincoln is on schedule with deliveries, and early next year we will be receiving new sorting machines that will help speed up the sorting process even more.

“They can process up to 3,200 packages per hour, so that’s 25 thousand packages per 8-hour shift,” said Inglett.

If you want to make sure your packages arrive at their final destination before Christmas, the deadline through USPS is fast approaching.

“December 17th is the last day we are asking you to send those first-class letters or Christmas cards. The following day December 18th that’s for your packages priority mail such as that,” said Inglett.

The post office on 700 R street in Lincoln will actually be open the next two Sundays the 12th and the 19th from 10 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon to make sure residents get their packages shipped in time.

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