Deputy run over by handcuffed suspect in his squad car

EAGLE GROVE, Iowa (CNN) — A man is in custody after allegedly running over an Iowa Sheriff’s Deputy with the Deputy’s own squad car.

The individual, identified as 31-year-old Sean McMillan, is currently in Wright County Jail.

It all started Tuesday afternoon, when a Deputy pulled McMillan over in Eagle Grove for driving while barred.  Wright County Sheriff says McMillan is a convicted felon who had a gun in his vehicle, so he was taken into custody. McMillan was handcuffed and placed in the passenger seat of the Deputy’s car.

“While he is dealing with the second subject that was in the car, the guy slipped his cuffs underneath his legs, jumped the center console, put the vehicle in reverse and floored it and hit the deputy,” explained Sheriff Jason Schluttenhoffer. “The deputy discharged his weapon one time and hit the windshield.”

With the Deputy still on the ground, McMillan sped off in the squad car, traveling a few blocks before running into a nearby house to hide.

Brian Poppen, a local resident, caught it on video.

“He had walked out of the house, and laid on the front lawn and then he was of course swarmed by police,” said Poppen.

The injured deputy, whose name has not been released, is now recovering at home.

Sheriff Schluttenhoffer said his reaction to the event was visceral.

“I was sick, to be honest with you. Up here, that kind of stuff doesn’t happen, he said. Very relieved the deputy is OK and nobody else got hurt. It could have turned really bad.”

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