Dr. Fauci says Nebraska restrictions are ‘totally compatible’ with other states

Despite not having a formal "stay-at-home" order, Dr. Anthony Fauci says Nebraska's strategy to combat COVID-19 is "totally compatible" with other states.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading medical figure in the fight against COVID-19, says Nebraska’s strategy to combat the coronavirus is on par with other states.

Many have criticized Governor Pete Ricketts for not instituting a formal “stay-at-home” order. Nebraska is one of eight states not to issue such an order.

But Fauci, who spoke with Ricketts and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds on Monday, says restrictions in both states are “functionally equivalent” to orders across the country.

“I think there was a public response that they weren’t really doing anything at all,” Fauci said during a White House press briefing. “And they really are doing a very good job – both of them.”

Ricketts tweeted after the call with Fauci, saying in part the two were “on the same page.”

“What we are doing here in Nebraska is very similar to what other states with the so called shelter in place or stay at home orders are,” Ricketts said. “As we look at the data we are seeing that we are
different from other states that maybe didn’t have advance warning. Didn’t take the steps we took so we have seen a slower spread here than maybe other places.”

Ricketts showed data last week that said Nebraskans were staying home eight percent more. He would like to see that go up and left open the possibility of new restrictions.

“When we get new data, we will reevaluate that, so we could do more restrictions in the future, based upon different different data that we have right now. Trust me, we’re watching this data daily if not hourly,” he said.

You can read Fauci’s full remarks from the briefing below:

“I had good conversations with the Governor of Nebraska and the Governor of Iowa. And it’s interesting that functionally, even though they have not given a strict stay-at-home order, what they are doing is really functionally equivalent to that. And we had a really good conversation with both of the governors. And I – you know, when I had mentioned that – I think there was a public response that they weren’t really doing anything at all, and they really are doing a very good job – both of them. Those are the only two I spoke to, but it was a really good conversation and I want to make sure people understand that just because they don’t have a very strict stay-at-home order, they have in place a lot of things that are totally compatible with what everyone else is doing.”

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