Duggan’s Pub: The end of an era

 Posted By: Camila Orti


After nearly four decades of business, a staple in downtown Lincoln is closing its doors for good.

It’s a dive bar in the Capital City where time seems to stand still.

“You know, one of those places where you can walk in by yourself and you always know somebody,” Susan Dodds of Lincoln said.

That, to a lot of people, is Duggan’s Pub. The bar, located on the corner of 11th and K, was established back in 1978.

“We bought the bar and were gonna keep it three years and get out of the business,” owner Jack Gross said, “it didn’t work that way.”

Since then, Duggan’s Pub has moved twice and become a popular local music scene. After 37 years, Gross says the time came to throw in the towel and retire. St. Patrick’s Day will be the pub’s last day of business, a decision that Gross says was not easy to make.

“I was loading pictures the other day and every picture, when I took that picture, every picture meant something,” he said, “it’s memories going through your head, and good memories.”

Gross remembers famous musicians performing, an on-stage proposal (where she said yes), and stories of a past employee’s ghost still haunting the bar. But most of all, it’s the people.

“I know all about them, I talk to them, I learn their lives, I get to know where they go on vacation and if they like fishing or not,” Gross said.

That’s what he’s going to miss the most. Many customers agree, it’s the Duggan’s atmosphere that makes it a Lincoln staple.

“The bikers were cool you know, everybody welcomed everybody,” Tom Sweeney of Lincoln said.

“I had to come before they close down,” Monica Cramm of Firth added, “I’m going to miss it a lot.”

Plenty of local bands like the Wheezetones, the Geezers and Soul Dawg frequent Duggan’s Pub. Before it closes for good, Duggan’s is hosting several more live performances and special events, listed below.

Saturday: Faded Black, Glass Onion and A Different Breed starting at 9 p.m.

Sunday: The Jerry Pranksters from 5-8 p.m., and Duggan’s final karaoke from 9-2 a.m.

Monday: Brandon Kurchgasler and The Indestructible Band

Tuesday: St. Patrick’s Day Party starting at noon, The Geezers from 5-8 p.m. and The Toons starting at 9 p.m.