Employ-LNK holds drive through career fair

Employ–LNK held a drive thru career fair at 3 different locations to help Lincolnites find jobs.

Employ–LNK held a drive-thru career fair at three different locations to help Lincolnites find jobs.
“As a lot of people know, there are a lot of families individual struggling right now with employment, and this is an effort for us to be proactive and getting people connected,” said Shaun Ryba, executive director for South of Downtown.
The Nebraska Department of Labor reports there are about 5,500 jobs available in Lancaster County including full and part-time.
Since March, over 26,000 people have filed for unemployment benefits. Ryba says over 54 businesses are hiring and says it is best to start applying for jobs before the unemployment benefits end.
“Were trying to get people thinking about applying for jobs now,” adds Ryba. “It’s only a couple of weeks away, and we want to make sure that we’re stabilizing people’s housing and their situations.”
Participants left with information packets to apply for jobs available.

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