Even on Christmas Eve, some are shopping for gifts

Even on Christmas Eve, some were still out taking care of last–minute shopping Monday.

Shoppers at Gateway Mall were out looking for Christmas gifts and trying to take advantage of good holiday deals.

Some shoppers said it’s very stressful, but that they are finding things for their loved ones.

“I kind of opened my presents early, so I kind of had money already,” Jahliya Sanders said.  “So I was like ‘we have to come to Gateway, you know?’  And then I got my dad a Christmas present from me and my brothers.”

“We’re kind of going to GameStop,” Chris Gallardo said.  “And we’re just going to check out some video games and maybe get some stuff for other people.”

Showing that money can’t buy everything, those Channel 8 spoke with also talked about Christmas being a time for family to come together.  They shared some of their favorite Christmas memories, like building snowmen and having snowball fights.

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