Fans, players, event staff at College World Series prepare for extreme heat

Fans can bring 20-ounce or smaller water bottles to fill at stadium

OMAHA, Neb. (KLKN) – A majority of Nebraska is under some form of heat alert this weekend, with heat indices of up to 104 degrees.

In Omaha, Men’s College World Series event staff are prepared for any problems the heat may cause.

Kristyna Engdahl, spokeswoman for Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority, said it seems like there is heat and severe weather every year at the MCWS.

“That’s why we have event staff and paramedics that are trained up and able to help people in the event that they require assistance.”

But fans also play a part in their own safety, Engdahl said.

She said part of “being able to enjoy the game safely” is to “come prepared.”

In order for fans to stay cool and hydrated, they are allowed to bring empty 20-ounce, clear water bottles inside the ballpark and can fill them up at multiple places in the stadium.

People are also encouraged to bring sunscreen because many of the seats are fully in the sun.

Fans can also bring in cooling towels to avoid heat-related illnesses.

If people see someone who may be having a medical problem, they are asked to flag down the nearest event staff member.

For the athletes on the field, the NCAA is making sure everyone is staying cool, hydrated and safe.

Chris Radford, an NCAA spokesman, released a statement to Channel 8 about what the NCAA is doing for those on the field:

The team dugouts have cooling stations to help fight the heat, and athletic trainers are keeping a close watch on all athletes and umpires to help monitor safety. Players and personnel have been encouraged to stay well hydrated and report any medical concerns with their respective team medical staff or event staff.

Day two of the MCWS continues tomorrow, with Stanford taking on Arkansas at 1 p.m. and Ole Miss playing Auburn at 6 p.m.

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