Fighting breast cancer together, a special surprise for a Denton woman

In a moment that brought her to tears, Lori Steer was joined by family and friends as she took her daily walk.

DENTON, Neb. (KLKN) – A mile almost every single day. That’s what Lori Steer strives to accomplish as she battles breast cancer.

“Someday’s it’s only just back and forth to the mailbox but I have to keep pushing myself, I have to fight through it,” Steer said.

On Wednesday, she wouldn’t be walking that mile alone.

Diagnosed in June, Lori said the battle hasn’t been easy, and the fight was made worse by the pandemic.

“I can’t get out, I can’t go anywhere, I can’t see anybody. It’s sometimes very hard, its been very hard with the COVID,” Lori said.

Staying away from friends and loved ones to protect her immune system went against every bone in her body, especially because she’s a hugger. A trait she passed along to her son, Colton.

“She’s my favorite person on this planet, hands down. I’m a mommas boy, that’s the absolute truth,” Colton said.

They say they’ve only been seeing each other every so often to keep Lori safe. As she approaches her last chemo treatment next week, Colton had an idea.

“A week and a half ago mom mentioned that the walk had been hard. Hard to do every day even just to the driveway, the end of the driveway and back. I thought, why don’t we just get a group of friends together and walk with her,” Colton said.

It was a surprise that brought everyone to tears.

The support that Lori has felt through her fight was brought to life right in front of her as cars lined Haley Lynn Lane in Denton to cheer Lori on and join her as she walked her mile.

It may not have always been easy when it came to getting up and getting out, but her perseverance would prevail every time.

“I reminded myself the cancer is not quitting so I can’t quit. And it’s me, it’s this body that’s battling that damn cancer. So, I have to do my best to eat right, get as much rest as I can and force myself to walk every single day,” Lori said.

A fighting mentality that everyone can look up to. Lori’s last chemo treatment is next week, after that she’ll have surgery and some radiation. She said there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Her family says the best way to get involved in making a difference for breast cancer fighters is to check out ‘Real Men Wear Pink’.

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