Fleming Foods in Lincoln Shutting Down

There's been another development for one of Lincoln's major employers. We've learned that the Fleming Foods distributions centers in Lincoln are completely shutting down.

The status of Fleming Foods in Lincoln has been in doubt for some time now. There are warehouses in both the north and south parts of town. For years now, Fleming has distributed grocery products to the Russ's Markets and Super Savers, and had also done so for K-Mart. But when the K-Marts closed in Lincoln, Fleming's future was put in jeopardy.

Now we have confirmation that Fleming has ultimately been sold to a wholesaler in Kansas City, who will 'not' keep the warehouses in Lincoln operating. That means the more than 100 Fleming employees will lose their jobs. The local union president says the warehouses are being cleared out and will be completely closed by Saturday. He says Lincoln Mayor Coleen Seng did not do enough to keep the Fleming jobs in Lincoln. She says the city would like to help those displaced find other work.