Floral shop prepares for Valentine’s holiday and bitter cold temperatures

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and a local florist says there are a few things you should know if you're getting flowers for that special someone.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – With just a few days to spare before Valentine’s Day, floral shops are scrambling to keep up with orders that don’t seem to stop rolling in.

“We have seen an increase in orders, they increase every day,” says Natalie Elsberry, owner of the local floral design shop, Of The Earth. “That’s just kind of the nature of Valentine’s Day being a last-minute holiday. We anticipate more and more orders coming and hopefully not selling out too soon.”

Elsberry says delivery orders for this weekend continue to grow, but because of the cold weather, more precautions to protect the flowers are being taken before they go out for delivery.

“Weather below like 40 degrees, flowers need to be wrapped and, really, the old wives tale is if it is like below ten it needs to be double wrapped, so we’re there, unfortunately,” she says.

Wrapping and double wrapping takes twice as long when Elsberry and her team are preparing orders. She says florists typically dislike wrapping their arrangements because it takes away from the beauty of the piece and they believe it’s wasteful. However, when the temperatures are in the negatives, it’s necessary to protect the delicacy of the flowers.

“Flowers have water inside the petals, and with the super-duper cold, it will freeze inside of it and it will look okay while it’s outside and frozen but once it thaws it will just instantly get sad,” says Elsberry.

If you get flowers delivered to you at work, Elsberry says to remove the plastic once you get inside so they can breathe. But, when it’s time to head home, be sure to re-wrap them so they don’t get exposed to the frigid temperatures.

When it comes to contact-less delivery, her shop will only leave flowers outside your home or workplace if they know someone is there to get them immediately. So, if you’re expecting flowers, be prepared to answer your phone if it rings so they know you or someone else is home.

“Someone needs to be there very shortly to take them out of the cold or they will die.”

But despite the challenges the cold weather may bring, Elsberry and her non-traditional flower shop will be sure to do what they can to make you feel special. She says you can never go wrong with flowers to make someone’s day.

“They have such this beauty and the life it brings to a space, any space that has flowers in it is instantly lifted.”

Of The Earth is different from other local shops, Elsberry says.

“Every single one of our arrangements is custom and unique to you,” she says. “This Valentine’s we paired down and picked a color scheme for our shop, so all the pink shades, magenta to baby pink with blue accents. Then we have some standards for the shop like combo roses, toffee roses and neutrals cause some people don’t like all the colors.”

Their garden-style arrangements make for a comforting and beautiful youthful and floral presence, she says.

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