Former Husker Tatum Edwards starts coaching gig at Concordia

The Husker softball All-American enters year one of head coaching at Concordia University.

SEWARD, Neb. (KLKN) – From 2011 to 2014, Tatum Edwards was dominating the circle for Nebraska softball. Now in 2022, she’s still in the state and entering year one as head softball coach at Concordia.

“It’s an honor,” Edwards said.  “I mean, I get to wake up every day and I get to teach kids how to play softball.”

As one of the most decorated softball players in Husker history, Edwards was a role model to local players in Nebraska – players that she now has the opportunity to coach.

“She was like, this big person growing up I looked up to,” said Camry Moore, senior pitcher/first baseman and Crete native. “Now to be on a personal level with her, it’s really cool.”

“I went to a whole bunch of pitching camps when I was younger, and she was coaching there,” Moore said. “My dad actually has a video of me at a camp and she’s working with me in the same tunnels.”

“It’s funny, and I feel like I’m just so much older than them,” Edwards said. “In some ways I am and in some ways I’m not, and you try to relate to them as much as possible.”

Tatum herself has had some influential coaches in her life from her dad to travel ball coaches, and of course, the staff at Nebraska.

“My college coaches are amazing at Nebraska – Coach Revelle, Coach Sippel, Coach Miller. They’re all just amazing human beings, and they made me into who I am today,” Edwards said.

“If I couldn’t be half of the coat, like half of that type of coach that I had to have when I was growing up, like, I think these kids will be okay.”

Edwards is now developing her own style to the art of coaching. No motto or mantra for this group, but instead she’s focused on individual reminders unique to each player to help them be confident on the field.

“They all have something in their helmet that they’ve written down for themselves as to bring them to present, make them in there, make them put in their routine,” Edwards said.

“As you’re putting it on, there’s a little piece of athletic tape, and it has whatever you feel you need to see in the moment, what’s going to help you focus in and get your job done,” Moore said.

“So it’s not exactly what I want them to say,” Edwards said. “I want them to be them on the field.”

And as far as what this team can accomplish this season, Edwards isn’t selling the Bulldogs short.

“The goal is to compete for a national championship for sure,” Edwards said. “If that’s a too high of a goal, I don’t really care.”

But what each player takes away from this team and this program goes far past the wins and loss column.

“I want them to just have that fire and desire, and it’s just it’s more about the game,” Edwards said. “It’s about the love that you have for it. It’s about the respect that you have for it and the discipline you learn.

“I want them to leave here not saying that, ‘Oh, I became such a great football player, but I became a great person.'”

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