Fred Hoiberg disappointed with Husker men’s basketball’s step backward

Nebraska men’s basketball head coach Fred Hoiberg says he’s disappointed and discouraged by the Husker’s performance Saturday, after feeling like the team had turned the corner. WATCH:

“I thought we would come out and play with great energy. But for whatever reason we didn’t. And sometimes in life you get exactly what you deserve and that’s what happened with this game. We let them come out and get confident early because of our lack of defensive energy and intensity. To have this type of effort is very disappointing. It is very discouraging. To come out here after I thought turn the corner a little bit. By the time we decided it was time to play, it was too late and we just couldn’t quite climb over the hump. We could not get that lead. We missed a couple easy ones. A couple bunnies and a couple finishes right there at the rim. They would come down hit a three or make a tough shot. And that’s what happens when you don’t come out with the right approach. Its something where we have to get more consistent. We have to get way more consistent is that area. What I saw in the last two games is in the huddles the guys talking about adjustments and about things we need to do and what we need to continue to do. What we need to do better. Tonight it was just silent and guys looking at the floor and bad body language. This game the basketball gods work in a funny way. If you don’t go out there and play the right way and play with the right approach they get you and that’s what happened tonight,” Fred Hoiberg said.


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