Free ZTrip rides this holiday season

Freidman Law helping you get home safe

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- From December 25th through early December 31st, the Nebraska State Patrol issued 33 DUI’s.

“We quickly realized that there was a need for this in the community, and we are really happy to give back to a community that has given so much to our family,” said Daniel Friedman Managing partner at Friedman Law.

Friedman Law in Lincoln is making sure everyone makes it home safe this holiday season, and paying for your ZTrip ride.

“We see an increase in DUI’s because people are out celebrating, going to peoples houses and just probably not thinking ahead as much as they should you know and they may partake a little too much, and they think I’m probably okay to drive a little bit, even though they shouldn’t,” said Trooper Mark White with the Nebraska State Patrol.

It is never smart to drive after you’ve been drinking, but on New Year’s eve this year it is even more dangerous with the winter weather conditions.  If you have been drinking, please do not drive.

“Being under the influence of alcohol already slows your ability to react to certain situations, and let’s also throw the weather in there as far as slick roads, snowy roads. That only elevates that chance of you having a crash or crashing into somebody else,” said Trooper White.

There are multiple ways to order a ride, either call ZTrip, schedule a ride online or download the app.  Use code “FreeRide” or mention the let Friedman drive program.

“It’s however many people need it. This is just a public service that we provide. In our practice, we see a lot of tragedy that occurs because people make a bad decision while they are intoxicated, to get behind the wheel. We just wanted to do something, that gives back to the community and tries to keep our roads safer and prevent the kind of crashes that we see that hurt so many of our clients,” said Friedman.

They want to make sure everyone has a ride home, even if your story is a little out of the ordinary.

“We got a question about whether somebody could use the service if they had gone to the hospital for excessive drinking, and were leaving the hospital and were still drunk and needed to get home. Absolutely, that person is screaming for that need for the free ride home. We are happy to let people send the bill to us and we will get them driven home safely and we want to help keep Lincoln a safer community during the holiday season,” said Friedman.

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