Frost Possible Tonight – Help Your Plants Survive

Flower Bright Scarlet Red

Are you one of the many that recently planted beautiful spring flowers or plants? With tonight’s temperatures dropping into the upper 30s, frost is possible which could rapidly remove all of the hard work you just completed.

Although many spring plants are resilient, a late freeze or frost could damage or even kill some types of plants. Throughout spring, plants become used to warmer temperatures, therefore weakening their resistance to a sharp drop in temperatures. Specifically, young plants are more vulnerable to a light freeze and could suffer long-term effects, where as mature plants can better withstand temperatures changes.

Frost can affect plants with varying types of damage. Buds may die as well as discoloration and holes can form on leaves. Dieback, a process by which the plant begins to die from one location, such as the root, can also occur. Death spreads from one area to others. Therefore, the best plan during a late spring freeze or frost is to cover your flowers/plants or bring the potted ones inside.

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