Gambling initiatives to be missing from this years ballot


LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — On Tuesday, Nebraska Secretary of State Robert B. Evnen announced that each of the three initiative petitions relating to gambling do not comply with the single subject rule in the Nebraska Constitution and “are confusing”. Therefore, they will not be placed on the November 2020 General Election Ballot.

 This initiative petitions proposed state constitutional amendment to legalize casino gambling at racetracks, along with two proposed laws that would regulate and tax casino gaming.  The Secretary concluded these petitions all had the same purpose, to permit currently prohibited games of chance in Nebraska. However, the Secretary found each initiative to be misleading to voters.

“The Constitutional right to bring forward initiative petitions for a vote of the people is fundamental to our state governance and is to be zealously protected…Part of the protection of the right of initiative is to assure that such petitions are neither misleading nor manipulative.”

The required number of signatures were met for each initiative, but with Evnen’s decision they will not be on the ballot unless the courts order otherwise.

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