Got milk? Haymarket businesses say inflation makes it costly

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Milk: It does a body good, and is becoming increasingly pricey for local businesses to get a hold of.

Dan Sloan has owned The Mill coffee shop in Lincoln for 32 years. As has been the case with every business, inflation has taken its toll.

“Our business has two kind of major streams of cost impacts from a material standpoint: One is coffee, and then the other is literally everything else,” Sloan said.

Sloan said the price of coffee has not really been impacted by inflation.

“Coffee is a commodity. It’s a crop. It doesn’t necessarily flow with inflation,” he said. “It’s more sensitive to things like frosts and droughts and things like that.”

What has been impacted, is the “literally everything else” piece of the equation, especially milk.

“Milk is a big component of a lot of coffee-based drinks,” Sloan said. “Milk prices have gone up quite dramatically.”

Down the street, Ivanna Cone kitchen manager Mike Yelkin, who is responsible for ordering products for the ice cream store, said he’s seen the same.

“That went up like, $8 for milk,” he said.

It’s not just milk. Things like cocoa powder, peanut butter and plasticware are all more pricey.

“Prices went way up,” Yelkin said. “We should pay $30 for some things; now it’s up to $38. Everything’s expensive now.”

Yelkin said Ivanna Cone has yet to explore increasing prices.

Over at The Mill, Sloan said the coffee shop had a modest price increase about six months ago, and he’s hopeful that inflation will not prompt another one.

“We have not been forced at this point to do another across-the-board raising of prices,” Sloan said. “How long we can maintain that position is anybody’s guess.”

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