Gov. Jim Pillen signs onto statement demanding Biden share more info on aerial objects

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A coalition of Republican governors has issued a statement after multiple unidentified objects were shot down in United States airspace.

“The violation of American airspace by multiple foreign objects is unprecedented and threatens our national sovereignty along with the security of our states. As governors, we have sworn an oath to defend against ‘all enemies, foreign and domestic,'” the governors wrote. “Yet, President Biden has chosen not to fully communicate with the public about this critical issue impacting public safety. Too much time has passed, and too little information is known. President Biden owes the American people answers.”

Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen added his signature to the statement, along with 16 other governors.

After a suspected Chinese spy balloon was shot down near the coast of South Carolina, several more unidentified flying objects were discovered above U.S. soil.

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Days after they were downed, President Joe Biden addressed the nation Thursday on the nature of these objects.

The president said the U.S. would develop better procedures to locate and identify aerial objects.

Biden also said he plans to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the suspected spy balloon and what it was doing in the United States.

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