Hard at work, keeping cool

Workers can't just stop working when the temperature is oppressively high. So how do they do it?

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – For people working outside, it doesn’t take much to make things miserable. On the other hand, it takes a whole lot to keep them from their work.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder. Neeman & Sons does siding and roofing, so that means when it’s siding time, they work the shaded side of a house. But up on the rooftop, there’s not much of a way to escape the heat.

“Roofs actually get a lot hotter than ground level”, explains Trevor Neeman. “A lot of the rooftops that we are dealing with are about 170, 180 degrees, so it gets really hot.”

That means workers need to take care of themselves throughout the day. They do have some help, however. ABC Seamless does lots of hot weather work on siding and roofs as well, and they have some solutions to the heat problem.

“We try to give them as many breaks as we can and keep them hydrated so we can put in a good 8 to 10 hour day”, says Jason Franssen from ABC Seamless.

That kind of help is both appreciated and necessary in this dangerously hot weather. The general consensus, no matter which company you talk to, is that a few lost minutes of work is far better than a few days lost to heat exhaustion.

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