Haymarket businesses anticipate return of in-person events this Halloween

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Lincoln’s Halloween in the Haymarket returns with businesses saying the timing couldn’t be better after its hiatus.

Business owner and Lincoln Haymarket Event’s Chair, Diane Cunningham, said many faced shortcomings in the COVID pandemic.

“Obviously, a lot of us had to close for a certain time period, we closed for about two months,” she said.

“I think a lot of the landlords and the businesses did a lot of alternative things like a lot of online selling…people adapted pretty well.”

Businesses like Wax Buffalo experienced the shift firsthand and were forced to revamp during the off-season for the Halloween event.

Director of Brands, Brianne Bayer said for them, it was the boost the business needed.

“As you can imagine in early 2020 things started to slow down a little bit from a storefront perspective, but really took off for E-commerce.”

Bayer said the opportunity to participate in this year’s Halloween event reopens doors to the community for businesses in the area.

“We are so excited like it’s really hard to temper our excitement that we have for this event,” she said.

“Getting back down out into you know, the community outside like seeing people we started to do that more and more but to have this be the very first downtown Lincoln Association event that’s happening in the Haymarket since 2019, like the team is just really, really excited.”

Cunningham says after the challenges of pulling together the seasonal event, they’re glad to be back.

“It’s just been very difficult to get in-person events done, and now we’re excited to be back.”

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