Health and Human Services Have West Nile Concerns

Friday Health and Human Services released the latest statistics dealing with West Nile in Nebraska's blood supply. The state agency says West Nile has been discovered by the Red Cross. But just how many cases were found?

The American Red Cross has discovered nine blood donor samples in Nebraska that tested positive for West Nile. Those nine came from over 67-hundred samples the organization has tested since late June. Cases were discovered in Chase, Dawson, and Hall counties. As well as the counties of Harlan, Lincoln, and Saunders. Those areas are all along the North Platte river. Health and Human Services says the blood samples have now been removed from the blood supply by the Red Cross.

But the department went as far as to say patients need to know where their blood is coming from. Right now both the Red Cross and the Community Blood Bank here in Lincoln test for West Nile.

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