High schoolers make their voices heard at the State Capitol

Career and Technical Education officers speak with Senators

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – On Tuesday, high schoolers from across the State had their voices heard at the State Capitol.  They spoke with senators about bills that would fund their organizations and the future of their careers.

Officers representing Career and Technical Education organizations such as FFA, FBLA, and more, spent the day speaking with senators advocating for their organizations and their peers.  Nebraska is the only state that does not fund these organizations, making it important for these students to show why they need support from the state.

“Right now we are the one State out of all 50 who does not have funding from the State for our Career and Technical Education system. I love how the commissioner put it this morning, we always want to be first, but in this case, it seems like we are last and so we are trying to fix that so that we don’t go any longer without having that funding,” said Jenna Hamilton State Secretary for Educators Rising.

Jenna Hamilton is the State Secretary for Educators Rising, an organization for high schoolers to join if they are interested in the field of education.  She shared that the teacher shortage does not discourage her at all.

“You have to have a teacher to lead people to be doctors, or mayors, or senators. I think it’s like the building blocks of society, so I wish we had more people who wanted to go into it,” said Hamilton.

There are a few bills this legislative session aiming at helping the teacher shortage, and members of Educators Rising spent time advocating for them.

“You’re going into secondary English and you can’t pass the second half of the praxis, they want you to still have the option to go educate because your skills are sufficient for the skills you want to teach. So why do you need to know calculus if you are going into honors English? They are trying to make it more open for people to become educators, especially through the teacher shortage we are suffering through right now,” said Hamilton.

Those bills have not yet hit the debate floor, but one has been made a priority bill.


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