Holiday Harvest Market encourages connection between farmers and customers

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Holidays near the end of the year are all very different, but one common trait among them is spending time with others.

In the same way that you know the people sitting around your dinner table, one farmer’s market is encouraging customers to know where the food on your dinner table comes from.

From meats to vegetables, the Holiday Harvest Market at College View brings locally sourced food to your holiday meal.

Market president Doug Hunter said Sunday allowed connections to be made between consumers and producers.

Shoppers could speak to farmers to learn the journey of their product from field to the table.

“[It’s] important to know where things are coming from and if you are able to talk to the farmer you know that it’s coming from farm to table,” Hunter said.

Hunter is co-owner of Hunter’s Honey and had his goods for sale at the market.

“It’s all-natural honey that comes right here from Nebraska, so we keep it all local,” he said.

His business has been operating out of Hickman and the College View market for the past year.

“When you shop locally you know where your produce is coming from,” Hunter said.

He said it’s important for customers to know where their food comes from as it’s one less worry to have.

The harvesting season came earlier this year, but many of the vendors do have stock ready to last into December.

“It was an early freeze this year but a lot of the farmers still have produce left,” Hunter said. “You’ll still be able to see a little bit of everything.”

Produce isn’t the only thing available at the market, many vendors sell sweets and small handmade items.

The outdoor market will be open on Nov. 13 and Nov. 20 before moving indoors for the winter.

This year’s winter market will open for business on Dec. 18 at the Graduate Lincoln hotel.

Market hours are from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for both locations.

For more information on the Sunday Farmer’s Market click here.

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