Homeowners Have to Pay more for New Homes

Despite one of the worst budget crunches in Lincoln's history, the city continues to grow. But that growth comes at a price. And now civic leaders are asking homeowners to foot the bill. Homeowners may have to pay a little more for new homes. Around 9-thousand dollars to be exact. That's what the city estimates it costs them to develop new lots to build on. And while we all agree, sewer systems, streets and sidewalks are essential, the question is, who's responsible for their expense?

In the past the city of Lincoln used taxes and utility fees to split that expense with lot developers. Now, Mayor Don Wesely proposes a new “impact fee” that would pass the expense directly to the builder.

Steve Henrichsen with the City Planning Department says that 9-thousand dollar figure is a high-end estimate. He says impact on homeowners will be gradual. A public hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday but because of public interest it will likely be postponed to July 10th.

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