How do gas shortages across the country impact Nebraska?

Gov. Pete Ricketts says he does not expect fuel supply to be an issue in Nebraska.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A gas shortage has caused long waiting lines and gas prices to spike close to $7 a gallon in some parts of the country.

In Nebraska, Governor Pete Ricketts says he has not seen any impacts to the state’s fuel supply.

“My understanding is that most of this was an issue on the east coast so it really wasn’t impacting our pipelines here in Nebraska and our supply,” Ricketts said.

Mark Whitehead, who is the president and CEO of Whitehead Oil Company, echoes the governor’s sentiments. Nebraskans have nothing to fear.

“We’re not anticipating a supply shortage,” Whitehead said. “There’s no need [for Nebraskans] to rush to retail locations to top off their tanks or to fill gas cans.”

Across the country, there have been instances of people hoarding gas or “panic buying.” Whitehead says there is no reason for Nebraskans to do that now, or ever.

“People are hoarding gasoline and maybe getting containers filled with him and then driving less afterwards,” he said. “The long term effect, of course, over the course of a month or two is not good for either the consumer or the retailer.”

Whitehead says a majority of his company’s fuel supply comes from the Gulf Coast. He says we would know by now if the state was in danger of a shortage.

“We haven’t seen anything significant and I think that would have happened had our suppliers had any real concerns or supply disruptions, so we’re not anticipating much here in the Midwest,” Whitehead said.

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