HSI announces retail crime operation to combat organized theft

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- The National Retail Federation completed a study released in September finding retail loss to be a billion-dollar issue.

Homeland Security Investigations, Scott Titus says their investigation, Operation Boiling Point stemmed from skyrocketing thefts across the county.

“Homeland Security Investigations established operation boiling point to target organized theft groups, specifically making sure the public understands how this is impacting them, and in fact, their bottom dollar,” said Titus

He says retailers and consumers can’t afford the constant losses, as it trickles down to everyone.

“Unfortunately, the businesses are suffering such losses that they can’t stomach the losses,” Titus said.

“It counts as tax losses for the countries themselves, which goes back to schools and fire departments, which in turn gets pushed down on the actual consumer.”

Organized theft groups or “boosters” are to blame Titus says, with the crimes becoming increasingly violent.

He said the average consumer is paying $5oo dollars more per year for these organized retail crimes.

“These situations oftentimes become very violent, or they escalate rather violent, and a number of personnel and workers of the stores are getting injured and hurt…”

Titus says the public can help by providing information, which ultimately keeps you safe.

“The public needs to know that a lot of these highly sophisticated individuals are likely criminals and other fashions,” Titus said. “I think that the public’s best interest is to report it as if they see something say something.”

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