Hundreds revel in Lincoln’s first LGBTQ pride parade

People gathered around the Nebraska State Capitol to watch Lincoln's first in-person pride parade.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – On Saturday, the city of Lincoln hosted its first-ever in-person LGBTQ pride parade.

Hundreds were in attendance as 40 unique parade entries circled the Nebraska State Capitol.

“It’s really electric,” 14-year-old Adam Taylor (he/him) said. “I love the atmosphere. It’s all love, really.”

Event organizer Dan Huntley of Star City Pride says the parade has been a few years in the making.

“This is the rewarding part,” Huntley said. “To come out and see the people and to be able to deliver something like this for them and for the city. That’s gold.”

Attendees shared why it was important for them to be a part of Lincoln’s first pride parade.

“I am trans,” Taylor said. “I’m female to male. I’m proud of that. And I feel this is my place where I can be free to come out and announce that.”

Kadence Tomasch (she/her), a transgender woman, says she views the pride parade as a symbol of how far society has come as it pertains to LGBTQ issues, and how far there is to go.

“There still needs to be work done,” Tomasch said. “It’s not over yet for a lot of people. But Nebraska is one of the most progressive states that I’ve ever lived in. And that’s why I love it.”

Tomasch’s partner, Net (they/them), says they feel it’s important for LGBTQ youth see and feel support from others at events like the parade.

“Don’t give up hope,” they said. “The fight might be long and you might be fighting alone sometimes. But as long as you have hope, it’s better to have fought and fallen, than to live without hope.”

Huntley echoed Tomasch’s sentiments – today’s parade was a day to reflect, and to look forward.

“We’ve made a lot of progress over the years,” he said. “This is in part a celebration of how far we’ve come. In part, it’s a reminder of how hard the struggle was to get here. But it is a reminder of what we’ve got left to do.”



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