Husker Football Super-Fan Memorabilia Collection

Over $50,000 in collectors items

Some people collect coins or art, but one local Husker fan collects Nebraska Cornhusker football memorabilia.  Troy Donscheski has been a Husker fan since he can remember, but started collecting 20 years ago.

Donscheski credits his dad for getting him into being a Husker fan when he was younger, and recounts his dad always had stuff hanging on the walls and items around the house.  He said he grew from that and started building his own collection.

For Troy, he loves the hunt of finding something that he wants and then finding a place for it in his basement.  He explained that he could just sit and look at everything all day.

His basement is a sight to behold, the walls covered in pictures, paintings, helmets, plaques, and so much more.  He told us his favorite items are his LeRoy Neiman paintings because there were only 300 painted.

For people thinking about getting in to collecting, it can be hard to know where to start.  Troy said it is best to start out at garage sales or estate sales, but Facebook and other buy/sell sites are a good option, too; for people to look far and wide for different items.

When he was asked about how much he estimated the basement to be worth, he said that it is at least $50k.  Donscheski also explained how much someone could expect to pay for memorabilia if they are just getting started.

“It all just depends on the price, you know it all just depends, that’s the fun of it, you know you’re going to a garage sale or you’re going to an estate sale, you’re seeing what you can get it for, or you can get on eBay, or one of them other sites and you’re bidding against somebody else. It just all depends on the price, sometimes you get lucky and get a really good deal, and sometimes you gotta pay for it.”

Of course, we couldn’t leave without asking what he loves most about going to Memorial Stadium to see the Huskers play.  He told us that it is the best.  While he doesn’t like fighting crowds anymore, he loves going to the games.  He would rather go to a couple games a year just to be in that stadium.

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