Icy storm moves through Nebraska

Viewers have been sending frozen photos and tree damage as the storm moves through the state
Weather Lady 2
Courtesy: "Weather Lady"

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – It’s a day you shouldn’t be surprised if you see Elsa wandering out. “Frozen” seems to be the theme of the day in parts of Nebraksa.

In David City, Nebraksa, a viewer tells us power has been out since around 2 am and the noise is surreal.

“Trees falling everywhere and it sounds like bones cracking,” Maria Casanova said.

Fallen Tree

Courtesy: Maria Casanova

Fallen Tree 2

Courtesy: Maria Casanova

A viewer who goes by the nickname “Weather Lady” sent us some shots from Branched Oak. You can see there is a film of ice covering everything in that area.

Weather Lady 1

Courtesy: “Weather Lady”

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