Internships could help keep young adults in Nebraska

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – One Lincoln company feels that the best way to keep young professionals in Nebraska is to give them a seat at the table with internships.

UNL student Naren Narasimhan said Ameritas has made him feel like a part of the company in just five weeks.

“I think Ameritas has let me become a young professional so early on in my career, even though I’m still a student at UNL,” he said. “That definitely attracts students to work here in Nebraska after graduation.”

Internships don’t just benefit young adults, but could also help the companies who hire them evolve and grow.

“We do track when people become a full-time associate after they graduate, and we have had a lot of really good outcomes there,” said April Rimpley, senior vice president of human resources at Ameritas. “The other thing we look at is a little bit of a boomerang. So sometimes we may see someone who does a great internship here, but maybe they do want to go somewhere else and spread their wings and they come back.”

Rimpley said that during the pandemic, interns in the information technology department applied “real skills” to help the whole company transition to working virtually.

Since the pandemic, Ameritas has increased the number of interns by 20%, giving more interns in Nebraska hands-on learning experience.

“You’re not just reading from a textbook; you’re actually applying what you’re learning from that textbook,” Narasimhan said. “So working with Excel sheets or actually just being more of a professional in your emails and actually reaching out to people and setting up meetings rather than learning from a video about those things.”

Narasimhan said he encourages other students to take internships, even if it’s not required to graduate, as you get a chance to see if it’s something you truly like to do, or if you should change paths.

“They are important, like I said, to apply your learning in the classroom,” he said. “Also, trial and error, to see what things that you like and things that you don’t like.”

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