Investigation continues into missing La Vista boy nearly 2 months later

It's been nearly two months since Ryan Larsen went missing.
Ryan Larsen
Ryan Larsen

LA VISTA, Neb. (KLKN) – Lead after lead has turned up empty in finding Ryan Larsen but the La Vista Police Department says even weeks later, it’s still their top priority to find the young autistic boy.

“We have examined just about every possibility we can to find out where he’s at,” Bob Lausten, the Chief of La Vista Police said. “At this point the best we have is a video image from La Vista Keno that doesn’t really prove whether it’s Ryan or not but the characteristics in the video show a figure that according to the mother and daughter and what we believe, is Ryan.”

From land and aerial searches, dive teams, cadaver dogs and even the water level lowered at Walnut Creek, still no sign of Ryan. The 12-year-old autistic boy hasn’t been seen since he walked away from his school the morning of May 17th.

“We need a tip, we need something,” Lausten said. “Ryan didn’t have an electronic device on him, so we don’t know, you can’t trace where he’s at or where he’s been.”

For the last two months, all hands on deck and all boots on the ground, but even with the help of other jurisdictions and the FBI, La Vista Police say they’re still at square one.

“Somebody has to know something about this, somebody knows what happened to him and we need to find out who that somebody is and what they know because this just didn’t happen,” Lausten said. “I don’t believe he just walked away and went on a Tom Sawyer hunt. Something happened to him and we need to find out who and what.”

A team of six detectives from La Vista’s Police Department are still working to find Ryan. The investigation will continue until his is found dead or alive.

“You want to hope for the best, but you have to be prepared for the worst,” Lausten said. “And I think preparation is something everyone needs to have going.”

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