Jane Skinner’s response to the Charlie Janssen report


On Friday afternoon Jane Skinner released a statement on the report to by the Omaha World-Herald about the actions of state auditor Charlie Janssen saying, As the Omaha World Herald reported on Thursday evening, State Auditor Charlie Janssen regularly takes three hour lunches at a local sports bar during his scheduled work day, sometimes accompanied by pitchers of beer.

Janssen’s opponent in the race for State Auditor, Jane Skinner, commented on the report Friday morning, emphasizing the need for public servants to work hard for their constituents.  

“I honestly didn’t think I’d have to say this, but as your State Auditor I will work for you a full 40 hours a week. It seems like Charlie Janssen can’t even offer that,” Skinner said. “He makes $85,000 a year – we as taxpayers aren’t paying him to drink and watch sports.”

While Mr. Janssen issued a statement excusing the long lunches, Ms. Skinner highlighted her experience in the private sector to draw a contrast with the abbreviated work day.

Skinner continued, “If I only showed up to my job for three hours a day, my boss would fire me. As Charlie Janssen’s boss, I hope Nebraskans fire him in November. The people of Nebraska deserve an auditor who works for Nebraskans, not for themselves.”

Skinner mentioned personal reasons for running, naming her hometown of Craig, Nebraska. "I know what it looks like when the Auditor does not do their job. I have first-hand knowledge."

In April, Kristie Jensen, longtime village clerk for Craig, was dismissed for embezzling village funds. Subsequent investigation concluded that she had stolen at least $185,000 during the last three years alone. Although the Auditor’s office did eventually investigate, they did so only after "Anonymous Citizens of Craig" filed a complaint.

“The Auditor’s job is to be the state watchdog. We need an Auditor who will do the job fully – all 40 hours a week,” Skinner said.