Judge grants delay in former Husker’s assault trial

By: Ashley Harding


A judge grants a continuance in the trial against former Husker Alfonzo Dennard.  Back in April, Dennard was arrested on suspicion of hitting a Lincoln police officer. As many of you know, he has since been drafted by the New England Patriots. He was scheduled to be in court, but a motion was granted to allow his attorney to appear on his behalf.

It was just days before the NFL draft when Nebraska cornerback Alfonzo Dennard found himself in big trouble. Lincoln police say officers saw him fighting outside The Hour Lounge back in April. When they tried to break it up, they say he pushed and punched an officer. Dennard has since been drafted by the New England Patriots. His attorney, Terry Dougherty, says that's the reason why he wasn't in the courtroom.

 “To have him get on a plane, fly back here to be in court for 5 minutes…it just seemed to me that it wouldn't be necessary,” said Dougherty.

Dennard's trial had been scheduled to begin next month, but as of now, that won't be happening. At the hearing, his attorney asked for a delay. He cited his own busy schedule for the reason.The judge agreed and Dennard's trial has now been set to begin in February. Dennard has pleaded not guilty in the case. His attorney says he wants the right amount of time to prepare a vigorous defense.

“That's something that we're very concerned about. Something we want to deal with at the trial. So that's the principle, that's the reason for having a trial if we have one,” said Dougherty.

Alfonzo Dennard has until Monday to sign a document acknowledging that's he has waived his speedy trial. By doing this, it means he's aware that his trial will begin in February.

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