Knox family remembers loved ones killed in Amtrak crash

It's been two weeks since Bill Knox of Seward lost both his wife and granddaughter. They were killed when a semi-trailer plowed into the Amtrak train they were taking to California.  “Today it really sank in. No, they're not coming back,” Bill Knox said. Reality is sinking in for a Seward family who lost loved ones in a deadly train crash.

Like any family that goes through a tragedy, learning to cope with the loss is the hardest part. But the Knox family says they aren't alone – the entire Seward community is behind them. Not a day goes by that friends, family and neighbors don't stop over check in on Bill Knox and his adopted grand kids. He and his wife, 58-year-old Fran, took care of their five grandchildren. 18-year-old Annie was the eldest.

Bill says it's the quiet moments that get him choked up when he thinks about the train crash – and how his wife and Annie will never be coming home. Knox says, “Up until today, it was always well she's out there visiting our daughter and they'll be back. I knew that they weren't but that's the type of feeling I had.”

A memorial – or rather a celebration of life – for Fran and Annie will be held in the coming weeks. A trust fund for the grand kids has been set-up at the Cattle National Bank in Seward. You can donate to the Knox Family memorial fund.