Lancaster County deputies help keep rural roads safe during winter weather

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Channel 8 went on a ride-along with Deputy Travis Schroer on Wednesday.

Schroer said that while there weren’t many crashes, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office was prepared to help.

In the afternoon, when the freezing rain picked up, Schroer said several roads were getting slick.

He said rural roads can be especially dangerous, as they don’t see as much traffic and aren’t always treated.

“The road crews do a great job with getting salt and sand and whatnot on them, but with a little bit less traffic and if it’s windy, the roads tend to get maybe a little more slick out there than in the city,” Schroer said.

He took us to Denton, where much of the roads were covered in sleet.

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Schroer said if you ever slide off the road or get stuck in a rural area, call the authorities. He said the deputies will try to get you out and take you somewhere safe.

“We’ll usually mark their vehicles so we’re not getting called on it all the time and they’re not sending out rural rescue,” he said. “We don’t want those guys going out in this any more than they have to.”

With wind and freezing rain sticking to power lines, Schroer said there’s a possibility they could fall, which makes driving even more dangerous.

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He said if you’re out traveling in these conditions, don’t be afraid to stop and wait it out or find a place to stay.

“By pushing it sometimes, it makes it hard for us,” he said. “If you’re gonna get stuck, we’re probably gonna get stuck, too. And then we can’t get to you or other people that may need our help.”

Schroer said that having a car that does better in winter is not always enough.

He advises everyone to stay home if you can and be extra cautious if you can’t.

“If you’re in all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicle, it’s not gonna help you,” Schroer said. “With the ice, you just drive slow and give yourself a lot of room between cars. But the main thing is stay home if you can.”

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