Lancaster County polls ‘running pretty well’ on primary day

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Poll workers were in full force for the primary on Tuesday, with over 1,100 workers throughout Lancaster County.

Election Commissioner Dave Shively said that when polls opened at 8 a.m., voters were ready.

“I visited a few voting sites this morning, and there were a few voters showing up to all the locations I was at, so I think things are off and running pretty well for us,” Shively said.

Polling inspector Julia Harper has worked the polls for nearly 40 years and said the precinct she works at is always “strong in voters.”

“We generally have a very high percentage compared to other precincts around, so we’re kind of fortunate here that we don’t sit around a lot,” she said.

Poll workers have prepared for weeks for election day and even take classes.

Harper said the day before election day, “I go down and pick up all the ballot boxes, the ballots, the voting booths.”

Harper believes that the turnout at her precinct could be around 780 voters, excluding absentee ballots.

“We’re pretty optimistic that it’ll be our normal, quote-unquote our ‘normal’ turnout for this,” she said.

Polls will remain open until 8 p.m., and you can find your polling station on the Nebraska secretary of state’s website.

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