Lawmakers talk tenants’ rights to legal representation

A proposed bill would assign lawyers to any Nebraskan facing eviction.

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — During the pandemic, tenant rights have become one of the major issues several state senators aim to address.

This led to the landlord tenants’ bills, a combination of bills from various senators, that just came out of the judiciary committee. One of those bills in particular would provide a lawyer for everyone facing eviction in Nebraska.

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According to bill supporter, Sen. John Cavanaugh, 90% of landlords are represented legally compared to the less than 10% of tenants with representation.

Cavanaugh said other states who have already implemented a similar bill have seen eviction numbers drop by more than 50%.

“I think that the pandemic has put a point on housing instability being a major issue and how close to losing housing so many people are. I think that just made it clearer that this needed to be done,” said Cavanaugh. “These changes are all changes that needed to be addressed as part of these inequities and flaws in how the system works before the pandemic.”

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