LB843: You may see less election mailers

Third-party mailers have led to confusion in past elections.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Nebraska Legislature Government Committee looked at multiple bills on Wednesday, covering topics like when you can vote, and who can turn in your ballot.

Bill LB843 focuses on out-of-state third-party organizations sending elections mailers to Nebraska voters.

In recent elections, election commissioners have noticed a surge of third-party waivers, often designed to look like they came from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office.

The surge in third-party waivers has caused confusion and previously led to a bomb threat in the 2020 elections.

“Unfortunately one recipient became so agitated about the constant identical mailer that he used the postage-paid response to send an expletive-laced message, which he attached to a skateboard-sized box with foam bumpers on it,” says Hall County Election Commissioner Tracey Overstreet. “That box was hand-delivered to me from the US postal carrier and it was obviously suspicious so our law enforcement was contacted and it resulted in our sheriff evacuating our county administration building.”

Other bills the committee looked at would cut the amount of time people have to vote early by mail to 22 days, that’s down from the current 35-day window. Opponents say this would set our state’s efforts to increase voter participation back by many years.

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