Leaders to debunk myths in minority groups through COVID-19 webinars

With mistrust between those communities and medical professionals, leaders are joining together to give the facts through webinars. 

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — DHHS officials say COVID-19 is impacting minority and at risk populations in Nebraska. With mistrust between those communities and medical professionals, leaders are joining together to give the facts and answer questions through webinars. 

This is about serving the community and helping the community make well informed decisions as it relates to the issues of public health,” said Combs.

Pastor Tremaine Combs said he was inspired to have a virtual town hall with other local organizations after hearing some people have mistrust in the pandemic and the vaccines. 

This is not about pushing people to get anything,” said Combs. “What worried us was not that people were saying they were not going to get the vaccine but worried us is that people did not have accurate information so that they can make well rounded, well informed decisions.” 

Dannette Smith, CEO at Nebraska DHHS says this is the time to educate because communities of color are highly impacted by illnesses that make them more susceptible to the virus. 

“Most communities of color have two right off the bat,” said Smith. One I can think of one is diabetes. The second one is hypertension. Often times we suffer from cancer and those types of illnesses create certain tough challenges.” 

When Channel 8 asked why it can be hard for some to trust medical advice, she said,

“I think a lot of it is the myths that weve grown up with and again as I said some true, some false,” said Smith. “But I dont know at this point that we want to take that risk and that’s why the department and particularly me are reaching out to the community to educate.”

Combs says he hopes this makes an impact towards to future, connecting people of color in Lincoln to health professionals in the area.

“It gives health officials an opportunity to do the hard work and the long work of rebuilding trust as it relates to our community,” said Combs.  

 To attend the Straight Talk: A Virtual Town Hall Regarding the COVID-19 Vaccines and Implications for the Communities of the African Diaspora of Lincoln webinar Wednesday, Feb. 10, at 7 p.m. click here.

The passcode is 148199.

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