Learn how to fight the side effects from masks, including ‘Maskne’ and ‘Mask Breath’

Channel 8 News spoke to a local Dermatologist and Dentist on the affects masks have on our skin and teeth and what you can do to keep yourself in tip-top shape.
coronavirus masks

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – According to the CDC, wearing a mask is important to help stop the spread of COVID-19, but that mask may come with some unwelcoming side effects.

Dermatologists are seeing more patients with acne due to masks. They call it ‘Maskne’ or ‘Acne Mechanica’ because your mask rubs up against your skin and causes friction, later leading to acne.

“By wearing a mask it creates an unusual environment for bacteria, humidity, sweat, warmth, all of that is a set up for micro-organisms to grow on the skin,” Dr. Margaret Sutton with Sutton Dermatology said.

So how do we get rid of Maskne?

Sutton says wash your face before and after you wear your mask with a gentle face wash, apply a thin coat of moisturizer and what that will do is help the friction from the mask, also try to avoid makeup while wearing the face covering and don’t forget to wash those masks.

But what about that breath, Dentists are hearing all about ‘Mask Breath’ and it doesn’t smell too good. Well it’s time to stop blaming the masks and catch up on our oral hygiene, one local Dentist says sometimes that bad breath is because of bacteria in our mouths.

So how do we get rid of Mask Breath?

“In addition to brushing your teeth and flossing regularly, make sure you’re brushing your tongue. There is a lot of bacteria that hides on your tongue,” Dr. Janna Spahr with Fallbrook Family Dentistry said.

She also added mouthwash and regular visits to the dentist office can help.

Those aren’t the only things being affected by masks, some eye doctors are seeing an increase in the number of patients with dry eyes due to mask wearing.

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