Lincoln Airport renovation continues through cold weather

Construction may slow down when the temps drop, but things are still on schedule.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – As the years have gone by, air travel has changed quite a bit. It’s time for the Lincoln Airport to catch up, and there is certainly a lot of change on the horizon.

“Just modernizing everything, making it look clean and updated”, says Communications Director Rachel Barth. “We want people to be proud of their hometown airport and this gives us the opportunity to do that.”

There are a number of ways in which things improve. Two new gates will appeal to airlines, hopefully bringing some more in. New food and drink options are pushed behind security to fit with the realities of modern airport safety.

Speaking of safety, Director of Planning and Development Chad Lay explains how the aging airport terminal “was designed and constructed before airport security was even a concept. As a result, the facility didn’t really receive and adapt for that kind of security screening.”

Lay says the biggest component of the project is reworking the building in such a way that the TSA is able to do its job quickly and efficiently. That means the PreCheck program will be fully operational when this is all over.

Keep in mind, there is still an airport surrounding this work that needs to be able to function during the flurry of activity. “That continues to be one of the big day-to-day conversations that we have”, says Lay. “How best to complete the construction while maintaining good, comfortable passenger access for the public.”

The payoff should be worth it, and you’ll likely notice the changes as soon as you walk through the doors and into the newly renovated lobby.

“You’re going to come in a just be like, ‘Wow’. It’s not dark, it’s not outdated, so I am super excited about that”, Barth says.

Slowly but surely, things are coming together, despite COVID-related supply chain issues. The project should be finished in early 2023, so you still have some time to take in the old look of the Lincoln Airport.

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