Lincoln artist designs and sells out ASL Black Lives Matter t-shirts

A local artist has the attention of the world with his unique BLM t–shirt design.

A local deaf black artist in Lincoln wanted to make sure that the ASL community was heard and included in the Black Lives Matter movement.
“Think about situations where police officers are involved whether they are shouting at you or they are trying to get your attention of telling you to stop and you’re just walking along,” said Mack.
Artie Mack saw the need for the deaf and hard of hearing community as he participated in recent rallies and protests.
“It’s important to have hearing people who can be your allies but at the same time I knew I wasn’t gonna stay home,” says Mack. “I needed to be there I needed to be visible so I could show that deaf Black people are here.”
So he created a t-shirt with Flyover Studios, signing Black Lives Matter with American Sign Language.
The simple but different design took off, raising more than $6,000 in the past week.
“Just in 72 hours it amassed over 600 orders from not only Nebraska but Iowa, North Carolina, Germany, Scotland,” says Mack. “Like this has gone all over the world.”
Mack said they had to cut off sales because the demand got so high. The funds raised will support the Black Lives Matter Lincoln chapter.
“I wonder how qualified is our law enforcement in communicating and interacting with deaf and hard of hearing people because one of the reasons also why I put sign language on the shirt is to bring awareness to the fact that deaf and hard of hearing people are sometimes defenseless.”
Mack says he feels encouraged to keep being a voice through his art and activism.
And Mack says more designs for t-shirts are sure to come.

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